Monday, 30 December 2013

{SAP JOBS USA:131154} Very Urgent Need for Database Administrator (Interview Tomorrow for right candidate)


Database Administrator

Length: 12 month project

Location: KS, Missouri

Rate: $65-70/hr C2C/1099


Job Description:

Minimum Qualification:

·       A minimum of nine (9) years of experience in Enterprise level multi-platform database administration, supporting full life cycle development including data analysis, design, development, installation, and integration.

·       Performs requirements analysis, schema design, database object creation, support to testing, and maintenance for application system database components for large-scale and distributed systems.

·       Performs product evaluation, integration, testing, performance monitoring and problem diagnosis/resolution.

·       Leads the planning and coordinating large-scale, complex, or technically unique projects that require the efforts of technical integrated  project teams.

·       BS/BA Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or IT Field.

·       The equivalent of a Bachelors Degree is three (3) years additional experience (minimum 12 years total experience).


Database Administrator Responsibilities:  

  1. Maintains optimal database performance and optimizes application query performance.
  2. Maintains the security, accessibility, reliability, and integrity of the FSA data.
  3. Writes simple and complex SQL queries and scripts.
  4. Addresses problems of systems integration, compatibility, and multiple platforms.
  5. Consults with project teams and end users to identify application data requirements.
  6. Serves as subject matter expert, possessing in-depth knowledge of a particular area, such as Application/Database/Server/SAN/Network performance monitoring and the tools that support monitoring activities, such as Precise APM, HP Operations Analytics, Oracle Grid Control, Microsoft SCOM
  7. Creates, modifies and manages database schemas, stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes, keys, constraints, partitions, and all required database objects.
  8. Migrates database files and structures; configures replication; extracts data to non-database files; promotes database object changes through ad hoc requests, platform and host upgrades or migrations, and planned system releases.
  9. Performs feasibility analysis on potential future projects to management.
  10. Assists in the research, evaluation and recommendation of RDMS, data-related technology, and data utility software packages.
  11. Supports application development and COTS implementation through integrated project work group meetings, data modeling, code reviews, and system reviews for quality and performance.
  12. Supports Integration testing, Certification testing, Stress Lab testing, and Production deployments.
  13. Supports Disaster Recovery planned exercises and real disaster database recovery efforts.
  14. Provides disk capacity planning and monitoring, cpu capacity planning and monitoring, and host services cost analyses.
  15. Evaluates, defines, and audits database security protocols based on business and database administration needs.
  16. Develops secure database access/permission strategies and provides data user access
  17. May act as team leader on projects.
  18. May Instruct, assign, direct, and check the work of other database administrators on the development team.
  19. Provides documentation of code, models, procedures, jobs, processes, implementation and deployment plans, alerts, and all artifacts necessary for achieving database administration tasks.
  20. Maintains information within the assigned tools and complies with standards and policies.
  21. Supports transfer of knowledge to Government technical staff.






614-884-5544 X 162


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